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About Us

Teja Marbles, a name that holds the title to be a Pioneer in the industry of marbles and stones. The venture has been founded in 1993. It’s almost been 25 years now that Teja Marbles has been serving the industry with the huge variety of marbles and natural stones. The organization has made it big in the industry due to the endless efforts and endeavors that the team had put forward and the organization never misses an opportunity to reward an effort with recognition.


TEJA marbles exports over 1800 containers per year and renders an inventory of over 99 lakh square feet, inclusive of thousands of slabs of natural stone and quartz. The numbers sound quite gigantic and they have to be, as the organization has outgrown tremendously. The demand for quality never falls back and the same has happened with Teja. The starvation for quality and precisely finished material has taken the organization to heights and housed it on the top.


The strategy imposed to form the work ethic and frame a culture was a simple, but smart. The major focus was always on the quality and the cutting finishes, just as per the customers need. This curiosity and dedication to acquire customer satisfaction have become a baseline for the glory that Teja Marbles is embracing today. Being a supplier for marbles, it was never an easy job to be a part of the run; but the unbeatable quality, clear requirement understanding, unmatchable pricing and supreme variety in the trends of material has been the driving force for Teja Marbles, always. The exquisite quality standard has become a benchmark by Teja Marbles. Being a one-stop shop that offers innovation, economy, and accessibility to a wider and competitive range of products, Teja Marbles have made it easier for the consumers. The variety that quenches everyone’s heart and prices that collaborates with everyone’s pocket, is something that can be referred to as a proven key for customer satisfaction.